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All major market indices were slightly higher this week after...

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

All major market indices were slightly higher this week after a very turbulent beginning to the week. Overall the markets are all still up double digit percentages since the calendar year started with the DJIA gaining 4,522.36 points or 14.96%, S&P 500 gaining 690.96 points or 18.66% and the NASDAQ Composite gaining 1,881.09 points or 14.81%. At present day the level attained for the DJIA is 34,746.25 with the S&P 500 at 4,391.34 and the NASDAQ Composite at 14,579.54 respectively. It remains to be seen if we are in the later stages of the "BULL Market" or if we will see the "BULL" buck once again and reach the next plateau which in my opinion is 40,000.00 for the DJIA, 5,000.00 for the S&P 500 and 18,000.00 for the NASDAQ Composite. I'm hoping for this to materialize for all of those "BULLS" out there however have been going slightly against the market with my investments as I am searching for that re-entry point. I am hopefull for the markets to hit the fantacy level that I have outlined above however the major indices may fall as fast as they have gained to the current levels. It appears that the major indices are stagnating at the current levels and unable to gain the momentum necessary to reach the fantacy levels mentioned above. At present time I am looking for that re-entry point followed by that magical momentum that we saw to get to this point. Sufficed to say I am "BEAR-ish" at least for today but this could change at any moment as I plan for the next calendar year and that last day of this trading month of October which is Friday, October 29th 2021. Yes, the last trading day of October which is this month is the 29th of October of this year.

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