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Paul Thurston

Founder & CEO

“Hello!  My name is Paul Thurston."


"I am the Founder and CEO of T-Marketing.”


“I want to help you build your new business or pivot your existing business through marketing!”

In its definition marketing is described as...


"Marketing is the process of building awareness of your organization and brand to potential customers." 


The three purposes of marketing are…


  1. Capturing the attention of your target market.

  2. Persuading a consumer to purchase product.

  3. Providing the customer with a specific, low-risk action that is easy to take.​

“It can be said that everything we do as a business in one way, or another involves marketing!”


The everything’s that are marketing for a new business include:


  1. Logo

  2. Business Cards

  3. Website

  4. Postcards and Flyers

  5. Brochures

“Without these materials you wouldn’t have much now would you!”


“These items are the wood for the fire and now we need to ignite them with more marketing!”


“Properly executed marketing can exponentially grow your business from Annual Revenue of $500.00 to an Annual Revenue of $50,000.00 to Annual Revenue of $500,000.00 to Annual Revenue of $5,000,000.00 in the blink of an eye and incrementally higher and higher if you would like to imagine?”


“Think about it!  Did Steve Jobs sell a million computers in the first year of starting Apple, Inc.?”


“No, he did not.  Steve Jobs probably sold a couple computers and said to himself this is so cool and it would be even more cool if I could sell more and more of these and bring them to each home.”


“Well…  At least I don’t think he sold a million computers the first year because well…”


"Of course, he needed to learn how to market the devices through marketing and the 4-P’s…


Product, Price, Place and Promotion!"


“Now is the time to market your product or service and 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, or 2025 is the year to start.”

“So… What marketing strategy will we use?”


It will be one or more of the following marketing…


  • Internet

    • Website

    • Social Media

    • Email

    • Blog

    • Video

    • Banner Advertisements

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Search Engine (PPC)

  • Affiliate

  • Referral

  • Word of Mouth

  • Content

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Event

    • Trade Shows

    • Company Events

    • Networking Events

  • Print

    • Post Cards

    • Flyers

    • Brochures

  • Account Based (ABM) and Retargeting


“So…  How will we reach our target market?”


“We’ll reach our Target Market with one of the many types of marketing campaigns?”


“So…  What’s a marketing campaign?”


“A marketing campaign is an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service!”


“So…  What marketing campaigns are there?”


Types of Marketing Campaigns include:


  • Product Marketing Campaign

  • Brand Development Campaign

  • Email Marketing Campaign

  • Content Marketing Campaign

  • User-Generated Content Campaign

  • Public Relations / Awareness Campaign

  • Direct Mail Campaign

  • Affiliate Marketing Campaign

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Acquisition Marketing Campaign

  • Paid Marketing / Advertising Campaign

“Now is the time to launch that marketing campaign that you may or may not have known you needed!”


"Now is the time to develop and implement that marketing plan that you've been putting off!"

“Now that we’ve touched on the different marketing strategies and types of marketing campaigns it’s your opportunity to call or fill out the form below and take the next step towards improving your organization through marketing.”



Go to the Book Online page on our website and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION

Be well and stay well.  All the Best…

Paul L. Thurston

Founder and CEO

T-Marketing, LLC


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