Paul Thurston

Founder & CEO

“Hello!  My name is Paul Thurston."


"I am the Founder and CEO of T-Marketing.”

"I am a marketing, web development and customer experience advocate."

"As you may or may not know, customer experience isn’t a new thing in the business world however what is new is how business has been transforming on even a daily basis and how some businesses and their employees seem to be sapped of all their energy and held back from delivering an amazing customer experience.  Delivering an amazing customer experience is not going away and that's where we come in as our goal is helping you, your employees and your organization deliver and maintain a consistently amazing customer experience to your customers and or clients."

"I started T-Marketing over four years ago and during this time on a daily first hand basis witnessed the amazing culture and business practices of Japan.  Through my travels to and from Japan since founding T-Marketing, I experienced the brilliance and energy that the Japanese people bring to each customer interaction and business setting.  It is the Japanese emphasis on being expressive and aware of the customer that is most amazing, and I want to bring that to you, your organization and your customers and or clients.  It is T-Marketing goal to help you and your organization deliver the most consistently amazing customer experience possible while keeping you informed and current about the practices of your business while at the same time keeping you and your organization competitive."  

"Along the way T-Marketing will again keep you informed about your organization’s current business practices and uncover what may or may not be affecting your bottom line and help with suggestions about potential ways to improve for maximum profitability." 

"Can I interest you in improving your organization through exceptional customer experience?"



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Be well and stay well.  All the Best…

Paul L. Thurston

Founder and CEO

T-Marketing, LLC


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